Fenced Off ickledot's very fortunate to live in a rural area. However, it's not your chocolate box idyll; it's a working environment with all its untidiness and upheaval. The landscape can appear harsh or rugged. What's to do if you're out and about taking photographs?

To me, you can either avoid it altogether and go looking for something prettier or you can stick around and celebrate it. I chose the latter. After all, if you look closely there's hardly an acre of this crowded island that one could really call 'unspoilt'. At some point or other, man has made a significant mark practically everywhere.

Yorkshire farmers can be extremely resourceful, appearing to utilise practically every bit of scrap they can find to repair walls, fences or gates. I particularly like the use of string. If you look carefully you can find it all over the place, in various colours.

I'd been wondering for a while how to classify this group of images. At one point I was going to label it as 'Ugly Beauty' but I thought that might upset some people. 'Other Landscapes' may not be the best of descriptive labels either but it does give the hint that there's another way of looking at the countryside.

So while everyone else might be going looking for the beauty, why not keep an eye open for the ugliness once in a while? You might discover that there's a kind of beauty, even in that!