Even Meg Looks Pleased It's the close season for Rugby Union here in the UK but, for the last few winters, I've been going down to Bradford & Bingley Rugby Club to take shots of their matches. I'm not really too bothered about whether it's the first team or the seconds; just as long as there's some action. Only bonus with the firsts from a photographic point of view is that they tend to attract more people watching so there's often some interest in the background.

I like the picture above, for example, not only for the try being scored and the futile attempts of the tackling defender, but also for what's happening behind them. There's the rapt attention of the touch judge, the spectators and even the dog, who's called Meg incidentally, to add interest.

I'll be posting more rugby shots in the coming weeks and months but until then you can view some of them in my Flickr rugby  collection.