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A couple of years ago ickledot worked on an exhibition at Bradford Industrial Museum entitled Steampunk. If you're like me and many others I've spoken to, you won't have come across this term before. Although steampunk has many strands, a basic idea is that its enthusiasts imagine what modern machinery and gadgets would look like if Victorian design styles had continued.

The museum itself is a celebration of the industrial era, concentrating on the woollen industry, of which Bradford was a world centre. During the research period for the exhibition, ickledot took many pictures of the machinery  housed at the museum; not in their entirety but individual parts: cogs, valves, pistons, nameplates. Their intricacy reveals a beauty that goes beyond function. In a sense, what a machine actually did becomes less important when you look at it close up. There's no wonder that steampunk enthusiasts gain so much inspiration from this era.