Rugby: Good, Bad, Distinctly Average

Go On!Spent a very pleasant Saturday afternoon last weekend watching Bradford & Bingley rugby team playing Penrith. Took a few pictures as usual but this time I was trying out my new Canon 200mm f2.8 lens (should point out that it was bought second hand for much less than the quoted Amazon price). Bright sunlight was not necessarily the best environment for a lens which I'm hoping will allow me to take concert pics from a greater distance in poor lighting, but I was pleased with the speed of the autofocus and the resulting sharpness.

Sadly the Bees were not able to produce a win, fighting out a 29-29 draw. There  were no dramatic running tries at my end of the pitch either. I've chosen the one above as my pic of the day as I like the variety of expressions on the faces of the spectators as the Penrith tackler bears down on the Bees' runner, Sam Hesketh (I think!).

You can see more of my pictures from the game on Flickr.