Steve Roux Richard Tafa: Surrounded - reworkedHope the week's got off to a fine start for everyone. For me, it was the end of an almost perfect weekend. Great show on Friday night with Steve Roux and the Brass Knuckle Band, rugby on Saturday, even though the Bees lost quite easily, and then a day away with chums, eating well and drinking a tad too much.Here are shots of Steve Roux himself and of the Bees' Richard Tafa, surrounded by a bunch of opposing players from Westoe. From a game point of view things were not looking good for him but I like the way the various arms, hands, legs are tangled together in a desperate attempt to get possession of the ball. There weren't a great number of pleasing shots as much of the play was at the other end of the field. Still, you can see more here. Have a wonderful week y'all!