Checking the Scores

I personally would never like to be a wedding photographer. Too much pressure! Just one opportunity to get it right and if you don't, big trouble will ensue. I really admire wedding photographers. Whenever I go to a wedding I usually take a camera along. I like to take shots of things happening that the official photographer might not be interested in. You know, those incidental, trivial things that go together to make what hopefully is a truly memorable day for the happy couple. If I end up with enough good ones, I'll put them together in a photo book and give it to the newly weds. I usually call it 'Snapshots From The Wedding Of …'. If the wedding happens to be on a Saturday, as they often are in the UK, around half past four in the afternoon one can see groups of people, more usually younger men, gathering around their mobile phones, waiting for the football (soccer) results. In days gone by they'd have had to go off and find a TV or radio. Nowadays they can stand, drinks in hand, and the results come right into their hands. As long as they're subtle about it, of course!