Cuba and So Much More

So much has happened since my last post (apologies for that - the backlog became so overwhelming it made me reluctant to write): rugby matches, concerts and, chief among them, a trip to Cuba! A week staying in the old town Havana was both enjoyable and enlightening, despite the weather on four of the days we were there. Indeed, the rain reached a crescendo on the Thursday when the heavens opened, causing floods, a couple of building collapses and two tragic deaths. We were ok although it struck us right in the middle of a bus trip. As we travelled along roads that were becoming streams then rivers, many of those iconic old Cuban cars were breaking down around us. Obviously it was a great place to photograph and I'm still going through and processing shots I brought back. Many tourists had the same idea so it was something of a challenge to take pictures of something a bit different. Rightly or wrongly, in an effort to travel light and not carry a lot of camera equipment a few weeks ago I'd bought a Canon 100D. This claims to be the smallest of DSLRs but with all of the functions of its bigger brothers and sisters. Along with that I took the kit 18-55mm lens, a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 lens for darker scenes and another Tamron, this time a wide angle for landscapes. Seeing as I'd made my phone (with camera) useless by trying to update the OS on the eve of departure, I decided to buy a small camera for those times when something bigger is a little obtrusive. After a bit of browsing and a good deal of help from the shop assistant, I opted for the Sony WX80. This proved to be a really good move as I was able to shoot in restaurants and markets and other such places without upsetting anyone. Results are very good although obviously there are limitations with a camera so inexpensive.

Over the coming weeks I'll post more Cuba pics as I finish processing them. Here's a few to start with. See if you can tell which were taken with the Sony!

You can see bigger versions of these and more pictures on my Flickr Cuba set.

Two Men, Two BalconiesChevrolet TaxiRainy Days Art & Craft MarketBalconiesBalconiesCapital Building Scooter TaxiPlymouthHavana, Cubaimpromptu Dance 4Dodge - Se Vende