Down in the MudThat Way!My team's going through a bad patch at the moment. Of the recent games I've seen, two have ended in heavy defeats, with one being a draw. As a result of this, many of my shots have been of relatively distant action rather than the close-up dramatic action shots I was getting earlier this year.

These two are from games against Morley and Huddersfield. I've chosen the Morley one because, although the action on the pitch is fairly standard, the expressions on the faces of the people standing behind are quite interesting. I especially like the chap who seems to be helpfully pointing out the direction he wants his player to go. The Huddersfield match was played in atrocious weather conditions and under floodlights. The 'muddy' shot was taken late on in the game when I'd abandoned the try line and moved up the pitch. It kind of summed up the game. Ironically, my team scored a try shortly after!

As you'll see from the Flickr shots, there was a brief bit of close action in the Morley game when a Bradford and Bingley player, James Morton, scored a break away try. Not sure how dramatic it is visually, a player running unchallenged, but it was better than nothing. And the player liked it. He's asked for a print and made it his Twitter icon, which is nice!