… and Finally …

Towards the Capital Building, Havana, Cuba

… here's a 'best of 2013'. It's my favourite non-music and non-rugby pictures (although there is a rugby player included. Not playing rugby though so it's ok). No more after this, I promise. And it's only fourteen. I know, 'that's too many' I can hear you saying ('specially after you've seen them :)). But there's a reason for each one being there and I've worked hard to be unsentimental and ditched the ones with any doubts. As I mentioned with the music ones, the desire to constantly improve leads to often being unsatisfied with pictures from a few months ago. So quite a number of former favourites have gone. For me, the year was dominated by two, no three, no four things. First was our long winter at the beginning of 2013, with the worst snow being into April (snow pic included). Second was my local football team doing the impossible and reaching a national final (no pics made the cut but you can see some here). Third was a class I took with +Glyn Dewis and +Kieron Nevison  in September. For better or worse it really changed my approach to taking pictures and processing. Two images from the course are included here and so I emphasise again that although I took and processed them, the lighting and scene setting was theirs and I am most grateful for their enduring help and advice. Finally there was my week-long stay in Havana in November. Not perhaps everyone's cup of tea but the opportunities for pictures are immense. Of the many I took around half a dozen emerged that I was pleased with and no less than five of them are included. Thanks for taking a look. Onward to 2014!

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