Get Out! Greetings rugby lovers. Hope you're having a good holiday in this fine Spring weather (assuming you're in the UK, of course, which I know many of you aren't. Hope you're enjoying Friday, wherever you are). Haven't mentioned befor that the second part of my rugby weekend was a trip to the home of the

Doncaster Knights to see Yorkshire U20s in the county championship semi-final against Kent. 
It was a good game, again in fine weather. Kent began well with a converted try early on. But it wasn't too long before Yorkshire rallied and had a lead, which they never lost, before half time.

So now it's the final, with a trip to the home of English rugby: Twickenham, on 4th May. And with a bit of luck, I'll be there.
Between you and me, the only disappointment  was a lack of a really good photo on my part. There were plenty that were ok, but, you know, no killer shot. Strange that on the previous day I'd been in just the right place on several occasions. That's how it goes sometimes. Anyway, I quite liked this one. Two players going for a loose ball and you can see the Yorkshire player (in white) thinking, 'if I'm not getting it, you're not' and sticking his knee out. 'Get out!' he's thinking. 
If you'd like to see a few other shots I took on the day, they're here. One of them, a team picture from before the game, got used by the Northern RFU in their press release. Very exciting!