Waiting Earthburn Weekend, Stott Park Bobbin Mill Kiln OpenedA busy week of photographing a variety of locations, people and ages came to a close at Stott Park Bobbin Mill in the Lake District to witness an earthburn; one of the oldest ways to create charcoal. This basically involves lighting a fire with the intended charcoal at its centre, surrounding it with more wood topped with turf and earth and then watching it smoulder for a couple of days. The mound is then broken open to reveal, hopefully, the newly created charcoal. Aside this method there was also a kiln, the process which superseded the earthburn and used throughout Cumbria for many years. Alongside these were traditional craft demonstrations, a story teller and many other attractions and activities beyond those offered by the museum itself. A really enjoyable couple of days that offered a whole new range of photographic opportunities. Many thanks to everyone involved.

You can see more pics of the weekend here.