Ed StephensonA great rhythm and blues band from the north east of England, I've had the pleasure of seeing The Revolutionaires several times, from Scarborough and Burnley, to Cognac in France, along with three visits to the Bronte Blues Club, where they appeared on Friday evening. Previous performances have seen them sharp suited, akin to such heroes of theirs as Big Joe Turner and Louis Jordan. However, during their second set on Friday, lead singer Ed Stevenson shed jacket and shirt to reveal a sweat laden vest, his muscular frame and tattoos giving the look of a New Jersey stevedore.

Of course, it provided an alternative look for me, snapping away at the back. When photographing shows I always try take pictures of musicians doing something; mouths wide open if they're singing, or actually playing their particular instrument. The shot above's a bit of a break from this. He's not actually doing anything. But I like the pose with his harp and mic.

As usual, there's one or two more from the show over on Flickr.