Bees v Driffield - A Game Of Two Halves

Richard Tafa Sees The LineThe phrase 'a game of two halves' has become something of a cliché in sports which have two equal periods of time to make up a match. Seems quite obvious really, doesn't it? You don't need to know a great deal about the inner workings and tactics of a sport to discover that it does indeed have two halves.
However, when someone uses these words to describe a game they've just witnessed, what they're actually highlighting is the marked contrast in the fortunes of teams before and after the midway break. And so, the game I saw yesterday was very much 'a game of two halves'. My local side, Bradford & Bingley, had everything going right for them throughout the first 40 minutes, while their opponents, Driffield, struggled to do anything right. The Bees raced to a seemingly insurmountable lead and, as the second half began, many spectators were expecting more of the same. Driffield had other ideas though and set about patiently cutting down the difference. By the end the home side were clinging on and only just made it, the final score being 34-33. The picture shows the Bees' Richard Tafa scoring a try during their rampant first half period. You can see more pics of the game here. Have a great Sunday!