Shoot Lik A ProWell, it's Sunday morning and another fine weekend down 'in the smoke' is drawing to an end. Been here since Wednesday evening, had a great time, but the highlight, and the main reason for coming down here was to see and hear Scott Kelby in his 'Shoot Like a Pro' presentation at the Dean's Yard Conference Centre in Westminster on Friday. This was the second time I'd heard Scott speak, the previous one being two or so years ago in Islington. I recall being mightily impressed then but I have to say this event far surpassed the first. I won't go into great detail beyond saying that there was something in Scott's presentation for everybody here, from the most inexperienced of beginners to the seasoned professional and all amongst the several hundred attending left highly impressed and entertained. The delivery was varied, humorous and informative. There were gifts galore too, including gaffer tape!

What most impressed though, and what I wanted to get down in this short post while it was still fresh in the mind, was how Scott had taken the trouble and gone to great lengths to tweak the presentation for a UK audience. This was a whistle-stop trip; his one appearance in the UK, followed by another busy day on no less than two of his World PhotoWalks on Saturday before a long flight home, so it would have been so easy for him to use his regular slideshow, US prices and a recommendation to do our own research. But, being every inch the professional, he ensured that each and every slide and reference to prices had been converted to sterling, complete with UK outlet details. He even used the colloquial 'quid'! I'm positive that this endeared him to the rest of the audience as it most surely did me, and it really gave a sense of interest and commitment to this particular gathering.

When I was lucky enough to speak briefly with him at the end ('fraid I bottled it somewhat here and gibbered almost incoherently with nervousness), I spoke of how pleased I was with his organisation's switch in name from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (National being the USA) to KelbyOne as it reflected more the international reach it now had through the internet and its growing success. Thankfully, he agreed, telling me that he'd never really liked the National bit. He also said he liked the couple of pictures I showed him too. A bonus!

He closed his presentation by saying how long it had been since the first visit but, as a result of the welcome he'd received this time, it surely wouldn't be too long before he'd be back again. When and wherever that happens, I'll surely be there and I'd recommend that you be too!