Post Match 3A fantastic game of rugby at West Park Leeds yesterday - a true top-of-the-table local derby. The home side went behind by two tries in the first half against local rivals West Leeds (worth noting here that ickledot misidentified one of these similarly named sides last year in a tweet recording a match against Bradford & Bingley. Happily this led to seeing an exciting cup semi-final at Ilkley - but that's another story). The scores were close at half-time but in the second half West Park emerged the stronger, eventually winning by 30-19. This was an extremely close game, the difference in points only widened by a last second try in the setting Autumn sun. Determined Fortunes were mixed photographically. There were no 'killer' scoring shots as there had been a fortnight ago. This was partly due to the aforementioned setting sun, directly ahead of camera for the final try. ickledot was perfectly placed but the sun wasn't. However, along with some pleasing action shots there was increased experimentation with portraits that seemed to work quite well. There was quite a good attendance and it makes such a difference to have people in the background as opposed to an empty field. See what you think!