Carry Me HomeHit December without even realising and only today beginning to think of all the pictures at all the events this year and which might be the best. As you do, looked through 2013's this morning, the rugby ones, and decided that most wouldn't make it if choosing again. Too many general scenes, not enough interest or focus. Still like some though. This year has been so special though. Alongside all the other events, most notably the Tour de France in Yorkshire, the Vale of York Half Marathon, the rugby has had real high points too. This time last year, ickledot could never have expected to be taking pictures at Twickenham. But it happened!

I was talking lineouts in the last post. This is still my best lineout shot I think. It features Yorkshire U20 captain Guy Van-Dan Dries, straining and stretching backwards, high in the air, in order to reach and direct the ball. A bitter sweet moment though, a pleasing shot which could only have been taken because the game had gone; already lost. If there'd been any hope ickledot would still have been beyond the try line, hoping for a shot of a winning try. However, given that time was ebbing away and the deficit was too great, I moved to the sidelines - just the right place for this particular play.

Will it make one of the best shots of the year for me? Not sure yet. There's a few to go at. But it was certainly a great day, despite the result.