Here's a little post script to my previous report on the two games from last weekend. As it happened I featured two pictures from the Sunday's game so I thought I'd redress the balance with a sequence from Saturday. As you'll recall, this featured home side Ilkley against Driffield. There's a link between the two matches though as the young Ilkley player making the tackle, Will Coates, has been involved with the Yorkshire Under 20s squad.Ball For No. 12 Tackle Hanging On Ilkley v Driffield Ilkley v Driffield Ilkley v Driffield Ilkley v Driffield


The seven pictures cover a period of only a few seconds but they show how each play, however short, is a little drama within itself. Begins with the Driffield scrum half passing in to his number 12. The Ilkley player manages to catch hold as his opponent passes and then just hangs on, almost being dragged along until he gets some support.

Also shows how some pictures are good on their own, standing up in their own right, while others need to be presented in sequence to give a fuller story.