A Pass To Me From Behind The LineSecond of January already so a bit late with the new year greetings. Hope everyone had a good holiday. Looking back to the end of 2013, I see that I spent some time selecting my best or favourite shots of the year. Interesting how views change over a year. This time I think I'd choose a much smaller number. Best of the best, so to speak. There were so many different events and highlights in 2014, with the Tour de France in Yorkshire and a visit to Twickenham being right at the top of the list. Over the coming days and weeks I'll look back and show just a few of my favourite shots from the year.

The shot above wasn't from a big game during the year. I just like it because it appears that the scrum half is actually passing to me behind the camera. Here's wishing you the best of years. I hope 2015 brings you all you desire!