Bronte Blues Club saw the arrival of the Mardi Gras season on Friday night with the visit of Paddy Milner's Londonola. As he explained, the band's name arises from a love of New Orleans' particular brand of music and the fact that he was born and raised thousands of miles away from there, in London. So he's inspired by his home in terms of lyrical content and the home of the Mardi Gras in style. The addition of a brass section in the form of Neil Waters' sultry trumpet added a deeper layer, summoning the spirit of the Delta. It was another great night, culminating in a deserved standing ovation for the four outstanding musicians. Some shots from the show here.Neil Waters Saturday brought plunging temperatures, biting winds and spitting snow for ickledot's short journey to Halifax to see them play Hornsea. Throughout the game the players fought valiantly to overcome the cold as well as the opposition. Halifax crossed the line with almost the first attack of the game but were unable to add to their tally during the first half. Hornsea enjoyed a good deal of possession but were similarly unable to make it count.Halifax v Hornsea - Burst for the Line

A break in the stalemate came in the second period when the home side discovered their scoring touch. Several tries followed, dominance was maintained with a final score of 31-0. The cold really was a factor though. One Hornsea defender was heard to remark, "I can't feel my hands." A team mate replied that he couldn't feel another part of his anatomy. There were further comments connected with size and the possibility of breakage but I won't go into detail. It has to be said that the quality of photographs was also affected as the cold took effect but there were some pleasing shots. Have to say it was something of a relief to climb back into the car and turn the heater up to the max.