PassJust over a week ago ickledot was invited to take pictures at another of the famour Bumbles' matches. As described previously, Bradford & Bingley's Bumbles are a mixed ability team with fixtures throughout the season, the most important being against Llanelli Warriors. This one, against West Yorkshire Police, was the first since the trip to Wales. As you can see, it was under floodlights, posing greater challenges for taking photographs. To make things a little more difficult, the floodlit pitch at B&B had a few bulbs missing so there were pools of light across the playing surface, rather than an even spread. So it was very much a case of going where the light was and hoping the play followed.

Shooting at the usual 1/1200 or 1/1600 shutter speed was impossible; things needed to slow down a bit. Obviously, if slowed down too much then the action would become blurred. Eventually settled for around 1/600 but even at that speed the auto ISO was high and any really fast movement became blurred.The resulting pictures look at their best when quite small; perfectly acceptable for web use. At full screen they do look a bit fuzzy but the players were quite pleased with the the results on Facebook so all was well.

A future challenge for ickledot would be to shoot a game on a pitch with brighter, more even light. Any offers? The Bumbles won by the way. The police already have their eyes on a rematch!Bradford & Bingley Bumbles v West Yorkshire Police