Hanging OnWell, yet another cold week with a further dumping of snow in its midst. Thankfully, yet again, its worst seemed to bypass the Wharfe valley, sparing Ilkley, so the game against Horden went ahead where others fell by the wayside. Have to say, ickledot was even quite warm at one point, huddled under several thermal layers and seated in second half setting sunshine. Seems generally agreed that this wasn't the best of games; Horden's strong and resolute pack against Ilkley's pacy backs. Horden had more than their fair share of possession but it was Ilkley who were more able to convert opportunities into points. So Ilkley march on. This is turning into a successful season for them.

Photographically it was quite a difficult game; dark when the sun was hidden and sharp differences of light and shadow when casting its rays across the pitch. Still, some pleasing images including this sliding tackle, complete with flying spatters of mud. There's quite a few so here's a little slideshow from Flickr:

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