If you can't actually be at the game to see England defeat Wales in the annual Six Nations Rugby Union Championship, surely the next best thing is to watch it in a pub in Wales. Even better when the home crowd is knocked right out of a comfort zone brought on by a first half during which its favourites' performance led to a belief that victory was imminent, bringing on cheers and much good natured taunting. As we all now know, England had other ideas, producing a second half of near total domination and a glorious win. It was a great start to a weekend tour. However, the real match for us, the important one, was to take place the following day.Warriors v Bumbles, Burry Port Bradford & Bingley Bumbles are a mixed ability rugby team and perhaps the most important game in their season's calendar is the annual fixture against Llanelli Warriors which always takes place on the same weekend and in the same country as the England v Wales fixture. This year the match was played in the new adopted home of the Warriors, Burry Port Rugby Club. A good crowd which included some of the Burry Port first team, saw the usual international pre-match ceremonies: national anthems, team photographs etc, before witnessing a hard fought contest in which every individual gave of his best. Unfortunately for the Bumbles, the 'home hoodoo' won out and the Warriors emerged deserved winners, restoring some national pride after the disastrous night before. Still the game produced a number of personal bests within the Bumbles' ranks and any disappointment was soon washed away in the glow of great memories and the downing of a few beverages. You can see more pictures from the game here.Forcing Through

Incidentally, like their more famous counterparts, both teams are set to meet again before next year's clash, in an international tournament set to take place at Bradford & Bingley Rugby Club, just before the World Cup, in August. Revenge will be sweet!

Burry Port v LampeterThere was also time for a look at the aforementioned Burry Port side, playing against close rivals, Lampeter Town. This was also a most exciting game in which the lead was exchanged several times. The win eventually went to Lampeter but it really could have gone either way. More pics here.

A fantastic evening of eating, drinking, karaoke and more drinking followed, leaving everyone tired, happy or not quite remembering how they felt. Many thanks to all concerned. Not quite ready to do it all again next year, but no doubt will be by the time it comes around!