On ReflectionWhile England were defeating Italy at Twickenham (after a poor start, it has be said), ickledot took the short journey to Ovenden, to see Halifax take on Skipton.  ickledot has photographed both of these teams winning quite recently, so was keen to find out how they would fare against each other. It was close and fiercely fought, with much of the early play being contested in midfield. Skipton enjoyed a good deal of possession in this phase but appeared unable to escape their own half. Once Halifax were able to counter, they scored and set a dominant pattern for the rest of the half.

Playing down the slope in the second half, Skipton recovered, scoring two tries. But it wasn't quite enough as Halifax cleverly kept their tally ticking over with the boot.

Quite liked this picture of a Skipton player after the game. His exhaustion and disappointment are clear.

As always, you can see more pictures from the game here.