Always nice to have pictures liked or appreciated, especially if the positives are coming from individuals featured in the images. Sometimes this can be immediate and on other occasions it can take a while.It happened twice this week that ickledot was contacted about pictures taken quite a while ago. They were of completely different activities as well. The first was captured in January 2013. It's of Janos Bajtala, who plays excellent keyboards with US singer songwriter Guy Tortora.Janos Bajtala

On Flickr the picture had received a number of views at the time, but not many since. Until last week when it suddenly had 25 viewings in a day. Then this morning came a Facebook message from Janos himself, describing how much he liked the picture and requesting a copy.

The second is from the Spring of 2014 when ickledot attended a weekend earthburn in the Lake District. My favourite shot from the event featured one of the burners, Dave, relaxing in a wheelbarrow, his companions around him and smoke from the smouldering mound drifting across the scene. Dave got in touch this week, told me how much he liked this and other pictures from the weekend and asked whether he could use some for his work web presence.Waiting

So I guess the message is not to give up on the the things you create. For a while, perhaps a long time, it might seem that nobody's taking notice. Then suddenly, when least expected, they are!