Thinking of photographing at Bronte Blues Club this very evening reminded me that I've not posted about my last night there in February. Appearing that night for a Mardi Gras special was the excellent Dom Pipkin & The Ikos. It was a great show and I snapped away happily throughout.Dom Pipkin As usual I posted a number of pics on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Dom himself wrote a supportive tweet:

"Thank you John. Your photos look amazing, and really capture the spirit of the night and the music!"

and a few days later made contact and asked if he could have copies.

Not long after, saxophone supremo Tony Rico also requested copies, writing "Would it be possible to get copies of the photos of me I've seen on Flickr? They are so good and you have really captured the the vibe of the gig." ickledot was happy to oblige (asking for credit if used anywhere else of course).

Tony Rico & Dom Pipkin

While it wouldn't be right to go out of one's way to either seek such comments or spend too much time dwelling on them when received, they can be quite encouraging, especially when coming from the subjects themselves.

As mentioned, ickledot's back at Bronte Blues again tonight. Two harmonica players! Always a challenge. I'll keep you posted.