And So To Ribblesdale

Perhaps a little too soon to be declared but Saturday certainly felt like the first day of Spring. Following a series of cold days, weeks even, the temperature suddenly rose over Friday night and lunchtime brought patches of blue sky, sunshine and general brightness. A friend of mine had suggested that my current tour and future exhibition (more of that to come soon) should include clubs from the county's four compass extremes. This game between North Ribblesdale and Scarborough marked an opportunity to tick off two: north and east. Of the images on Flickr, the ones featuring the landscape, such as the first below, are being viewed more than those featuring the play. Interesting. Situated in the Yorkshire Dales, the ground certainly is surrounded by a picturesque and quite dramatic landscape.View beyond the ground

I really should have taken more notice of Ribb's fixtures secretary when deciding on positions to view and photograph this game. When I mentioned being aware of the team's lowly league position he said that this had been down to no less than ten of the first team squad being injured and out for much of the season's first half. Now they were back and had started winning. So I began at the end being attacked by the home team, only to see Scarborough racing ahead in the distance with no less than three tries.Ribblesdale Run

Thankfully for me, from a photographic point of view, Ribblesdale began to recover, replying with a couple of tries before half time. At this point I really should have thought about those words from the fixtures secretary, anticipated a Ribb recovery continuation and moved to the other end. However, I opted to stay where I was, reasoning that Scarborough would profit from the slope and much of the play would involve them attacking.North Ribblesdale v Scarborough

I was wrong. Ribblesdale demonstrated a real strength of character, ending up the victors by no less than 32 to 19. So, out of at least seven tries, I managed to be reasonably close to just the one below. Still rugby action isn't confined to the try line and I was quite satisfied with a number of action shots. Next weekend - Cornwall! Have a great week!Try!