Success For West Park Leeds

I know, I said it could be Wetherby this weekend but a tweeted request for attendance at West Park Leeds resulted in a change of plan. West Park's penultimate match of the season was a vital one for them as victory against Leeds Medics & Dentists would bring promotion to Yorkshire League One.Try! The weather this week has been bright and warm, hopefully signalling the true arrival of Spring. However, daybreak had brought a significant change and conditions were cold and blustery, the wind having a marked effect on the flight of the ball throughout. Thankfully it stayed dry for the whole game.

Guess the picture above's a bit of a spoiler but you know how it is, games of this importance tend to go one of two ways: tense and close for the duration or a relatively smooth passage due to an early tension-easing score. Fortunately for West Park it was the latter. Fullback Simon Towler (above and below) broke through first after a period of encampment on the Medics' line. Flanker John Fletcher followed up with a run in on the left and prop Connor Ward swept through on the right. Three tries and two conversions gave the home side a healthy lead, virtually wiping out any tension or doubt in their ability to get the job done.Simon Towler about to score

As you know, ickledot's tactical comments are rare; a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. However, even he could recognise the crucial part played by the West Park scrum. The pack was dominant throughout - dramatically so on occasions.James Kear about to score

However, credit to the Medics, they were competitive for the whole game. Their conversations following the conceding of each try continued to be positive and full of mutual encouragement. Towards the close they were rewarded with a consolation try. Results wise it's been a miserable season for them; they've experienced a number of heavy defeats so it was great to see them still smiling at game's end. Better things for them next season hopefully. West Park added a couple of tries, one from James Kear (above) acclaimed by Park's Terry Parkinson as the try of the day, giving a final score of 29-7.West Park Celebrations

As regular readers will know, ickledot has photographed West Park on a number of occasions this season. They've had their difficulties both on and off the field but have demonstrated the perseverance, skill and dedication required to bring their richly deserved success. Good luck to them in their new league next season.

As always, you can see more pictures from the game here. Have a great week!