Prize Surprise

You may remember, I posted about a very wet muddy rugby match I photographed a few months ago, involving Yorkshire's Under 15 rugby team, playing against Lancashire. I had quite a number of action shots from the game but also added a portrait or two, then thought nothing more about it. I'd photographed the game originally with thoughts about my upcoming exhibition. I wanted to illustrate the diversity of the game within the county and how a huge number of youngsters participate.Yorkshire U15 v Lancashire U15, Sandal RUFC

A week or so after I received an email from a parent asking for a copy of one of the portraits as it was of his son. Interestingly, he asked for a version in black and white. Now, I have to admit I'd not really considered this before, but once I'd made the conversion was quite pleased with the results. The boy's parents were also pleased as they ordered several copies of the black and white version. More recently, having looked through all the day's action shots in selecting for the exhibition, none quite matched the portrait.

So, it's in the exhibition and you can see it from next Tuesday, 9 June at Bradford Industrial Museum.

Then today I received an email which reminded me I'd entered it for a competition, a Facebook one run by Wilkinson's cameras. They're an independent company with several shops in the north-west of England. Digressing a little here, even though not from their area, I'd bought both of my cameras from them; the first as an emergency purchase in the Lake District when a previous body had broken down and the other at a conference they'd organised when the discount was just too good to turn down. On both occasions, in Kendal and Preston, they were most helpful and I'd certainly use them again (especially after today!).

Anyway, the email was a confirmation that I'd won. Would you believe it? It said:

"Thank you for entering our Digital Splash Awards Portrait competition in May. Congratulations, your photograph was shortlisted and has been chosen as the winning photograph by Damien Lovegrove. We are shortly going to announce this on Facebook and across our other social media platforms.

The prize for the winning photograph is a £50 Wilkinson Cameras voucher."

On Wilkinson's Facebook page, Damien Lovegrove was quoted as saying: "A good reportage portrait." He also posted a comment on Twitter:

Damien Lovegrove on Twitter


If you're like me, never sure that what you put out there has worth, always fearful that you might be way off the mark, confirmation that something you've created is actually quite good, by someone widely recognised as knowing what they're talking about, is hugely rewarding. More so than the prize actually. Have a great weekend!