Rugby Union Yorkshire

HuddlesWell, it's been a little while since ickledot last blogged. No excuse really although things have been quite hectic. First of all, the Exhibition Rugby Union Yorkshire is, at time of writing, about half way through its run at Bradford Industrial Museum. The official opening was last Tuesday afternoon and overall the reaction's been good. A couple of mentions in the local press, the Keighley News, Bradford's Telegraph & Argus and also a number of nice comments on social media. Lisa wrote, "awesome John Ashton I left a comment in your book asking for a part 2 :-)" on Twitter and Steve replied with, "our very own took them! Awesome they are too!" On Facebook Bumbles Gooders said, "Rugby huddles and the full range of rugby family emotions beautifully captured at Bradford Industrial Museum on now. Looking mighty fine!"Have to say it's particularly pleasing to have those who've played the game looking upon it favourably.

If you've not seen the accompanying booklet yet you can download it here and the paper version's on sale at the museum.

At the moment it's looking likely that the show will have some legs, on display at Bradford & Bingley's Mixed Ability World Tournament in August (congratulations to them for achieving their £50,000 funding target btw) and then at Leeds Central Library during the World Cup in the Autumn.

More recently ickledot's been taking musical photographs, at Durham Blues Festival to be exact. A number of highlights during this day long event, most notably from Brighton's Red Butler, the up-and-coming Mike Wyatt and the excellent Aynsley Lister.Aynsley Lister