Oxenhope Straw Race 2015

Sunday 5 July dawned bright and warm to form a fine summer setting for the annual Oxenhope Straw Race. Regular readers may recall ickledot writing about this event before; 2014's version had come just a week after the visit of the famous Tour de France. This year there were just as many imaginative fancy dressers in the race alongside more serious competitors; photographing opportunities galore. Oxenhope Straw Race 2015

The race began on the stroke of midday and ickledot opted to use the heavier Canon 70D with a 24-70 lens to capture the early runners passing close to home. However, for the charity runners and group fancy dressers, a change of location called for lighter equipment: a Canon 100D with a wide-angled 10-24mm lens. It was a crazy day and the slight distortions caused by the wide-angle kind of added to the madness. The Lamb pub formed a great backdrop to many shots. An attractive building in its own right, its raised elevation gave a good view of the motley crowd gathered in front of it.Oxenhope Straw Race 2015

There's a new Straw Race project feature elsewhere on the site and you can also see many more Straw Race pics on Flickr here.Oxenhope Straw Race 2015