Shows how laggardly this blog really is when ickledot's writing about the previous weekend just before the following one begins. Anyway, here's quick post about the rugby match seen last Saturday: Harrogate against Huddersfield.

As it happens, it was a fixture ickledot attended last season, although the venue was different. You see, the intervening months have seen a move for Harrogate Rugby Club, from their home of many a year at Claro Road in the town centre, to a new one on the outskirts, at Rudding Park. On arrival all looked very green, pristine. There's a brand new single storey clubhouse set above a pitch, surrounded by a neat white fence, some way below in a hollow. The afternoon was warm and reasonably bright. We really are having an exceptionally pleasant Autumn.

Harrogate began brightly and were some way ahead by half time. Although Huddersfield recovered to a certain extent in the second half, the result was never really in doubt. Unfortunately the game came to an end prematurely, by five minutes or so, due to an injury to Huddersfield's Chris Bell, a hero of last season's Yorkshire U21 campaign. Thankfully he wrote to say was fine during the following week. You can read a full match report here.

There were a number of other familiar faces too. For Huddersfield there were former Bradford & Bingley Bees, Tom Kanauros and Adam Malthouse and another Yorkshire Under 21 stalwart, Dan Jeffrey. Another Yorkshire Under 21 hero of last season's campaign, Connor Ward, was playing for Harrogate. It was great to see former Yorkshire U21's Lewis Minikin still flying down the wing and scoring, fast as ever. Apologies, as always, if I've missed anyone.

While there were quite few 'ok' photos, none would gain an editor's choice on 500px, as did one from last season's fixture. The one above shows Harrogate's Callum Irvine at the start of a run which ended with an excellent solo try.