Erja Lyytinen - Coming Soon

Not often, if ever, that ickledot reports on something that's yet to occur. But it was on hearing that Finnish blues guitarist Erja Lyytinen is embarking on a UK tour which includes an appearance at Keighley Blues Club (9 October) I was reminded of some pictures I took of her earlier this year at Durham Blues Festival. Durham Blues Festival 2015

At the time I remember being a bit disappointed with them. I think it's the third year of covering this festival, at Durham's Gala Theatre. It's a great venue for such a one day event, but the lighting on the main stage is somewhat muted often using shades of red and magenta. This is understandable as the theatre's used for a range of activities in addition to music. No excuses though. It's in the nature of taking pictures at concerts and I should have coped better. It had been a busy day, the magazine I layout, Blues in Britain, was nearing its print deadline, I chose other pictures and moved on.

However, on looking at the shots again, I'm thinking that some are not so bad. Just goes to show, it pays to hold on to pictures and return to them every once in a while. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

As for Erja, she's most definitely worth seeing. Her thoughtful, melodic guitar style certainly sets her apart from a host of other guitarists. If her tour passes near you, go see her!