Jinxing Scarborough

Regular readers of this blog may recall a Saturday last Spring when ickledot took a trip out to Settle in the Yorkshire Dales to see North Ribblesdale take on East Coasters Scarborough? Remember the tale of how he sat beyond the try line being attacked by the home side, only to see Scarborough run in no less than nineteen points at the distant other end? Then, reasoning that Scarborough would continue their onslaught after the break, remaining at the same end for much of the second half only to witness an amazing North Ribblesdale recovery, again at the other end? Thankfully there were still some good pictures to be had aside from the half dozen or so missed tries.

Scarborough journeyed west again yesterday, this time to Bradford & Bingley. As recently reported, the Bees are riding high this season, unbeaten at the top of the league. I'd joked before the game about how Scarborough would most likely race ahead, given my previous experience. And would you believe it? They did! Again, they scored nineteen points in the first few minutes before the Bees had quite woken up. Panic had begun to creep in among the home supporters. I, however, was quietly confident. No great rugby knowledge to back it up, but I'd a strong feeling Bradford & Bingley would recover.

And so it proved to be. Bradford & Bingley are made of sterner stuff than recent seasons. Changes were made and soon points were on the board, first with a try from Richard Scull, then a push over ended by Ryan Wederell. Final score was a seemingly comfortable 39 to 22. A more detailed report can be read here.

I'm no superstitious animal and I'm sure Scarborough's defeat had much to do with what happened on the field. But just in case my presence had something to do with it, my apologies to Scarborough for being there. I promise, if you score nineteen points when I'm around again, I'll leave.

You can see more pictures from the game on Flickr.