Back to the Bees - York in the Rain

After two weekends away in London and Amsterdam (now there's some name dropping) it was back to the rugby and another game featuring the Bees of Bradford and Bingley. Since ickledot's last rugby photography the weather had taken a turn for the worst and winter had definitely returned. Gerhard Nortier

Even before ickledot had taken his seat beyond the try line the Bees were on the attack with Gerhard Nortier scoring the first of several tries for the home side (a kind of symmetry here in that ickledot also missed capturing the final try 73 or so minutes later, moving away from the try line seconds before a spectacular sliding finish from Michael Crotch). You can read a more detailed and accurate account of the game here (also featuring some of ickledot's pics) but suffice it to say this was an emphatic win, by a score of 45 to 7, and most welcome after a slip the previous week at Hullensians.

Photograph wise, the highlights began with this airborne try from Taylor Fiddes. Would have been nice to have got the capture in front of the player rather than the side but at least he was in the air and the shot was sharp.

Taylor Fiddes

Also pleasing to get a reasonably close shot of Adam Mitchell, about to go over for the second of two tries he scored in the second half. ickledot's too tight-fisted to pay for a personal trainer but Adam is one at a local gym where ickledot's a member.

Adam Mitchell

The next features Tom Cummins forcing his way through a couple of York defenders. It's been given a bit of texture, darkened and desaturated to emphasise the dark and dismal conditions and also cropped really close to highlight the tightness of the gap he was trying to squeeze through. Not everyone likes such 'messing about' but hey, it's my picture.

Tom Cummins

The last one is in the line-up for mutual guards of honour after the final whistle. It's a portrait of Benny Greaves, now on the Bees' coaching staff but making a welcome return to the team on this occasion. Extremely muddy but clearly satisfied with his afternoon's work.

Bees 45 York 7

As always, you can see more pics from the game on Flickr. Have a great week.