Blues Mini Cruise: A Day In Amsterdam

Well, it's almost a week to the minute since the P&O ferry sailed out of Hull for the inaugural Blues Mini-Cruise. While most of the four hundred or so cruisers didn't know before, they certainly do now, no music can commence until the ship is moving, so it was a few minutes after eight o'clock that Tom Attah waited patiently on the stage to be given the ok to begin. Tom Attah - Waiting

And so, as the first chords were struck, a weekend of wonderful music began. In the coming days and weeks more detailed reviews will be written so I'll keep the words brief and share a few of my favourite pictures from the two nights and one afternoon of music. Just to emphasise, these are favourite pictures, not performances. It was generally agreed that all performances were outstanding.

Julian Burdock, 24Pesos

Later that evening 24Pesos hit the stage. Lead guitarist and vocalist Julian Burdock stepped off the stage to play a solo on a couple of occasions. The light was particularly bright over this space which is normally used as a dance floor.

Little Stevie and the Big Beat, Waterhole Live Music Bar

On Saturday afternoon ashore in Amsterdam, cruisers were treated to a show from Dutch band Little Stevie and the Big Beat in a club known as The Waterhole. This was an impressive performance, the twin saxophones giving a rich, full sound.

Kyla Brox

Back on the ship on Saturday night the performers were the same but the line-ups switched for an epic blues jam. You can see more shots from this session on Flickr but the last two here highlight Kyla Brox, whose rendition of 'I'd Rather Go Blind' was sublime, and Tom Attah once more, straining the strings to epic effect.

Tom Attah - Straining the Strings

Overall a fantastic weekend, set to be repeated next November. If you weren't there this time, make sure you're aboard for the second voyage!