Bees Keep Marching On

Though it's not quite Christmas, Bradford & Bingley's Bees played the first game of the second half of their season last Saturday, against Selby. The miserable weather continued - dark skies, lashing wind and gusts of rain - but the Bees marched on undaunted. Incoming

With only one defeat so far, they're riding high at the top of their Yorkshire One League. Though Selby mounted something of a comeback in the second forty, the match had been effectively won in the first half as the home side crossed the try line several times without reply. Bonus points were added in the second and the match ended on a score of 38-12. You can read a more detailed match report (complete with an ickledot pic) here.

Front Row

It has to be said, photographically the afternoon was a bit of a disaster. Heavy cloud produced light that was poor right from the outset and whole of the second half was played in virtual darkness. The aforementioned Canon 7D Mk2 performed really well but there are limits.

Try Coming

These three shots have been quite heavily worked on and you can still see they're a bit 'noisy'. In addition to using Adobe's Lightroom software, ickledot's also been trying a number of plug-ins from MacPhun: Noiseless which, as the name suggests, removes the graininess or noise produced when ISO levels are high, and Intensify. This seems to find detail in a shot that you didn't realise was there. It can also add real 'punch' and drama. As with all these things, the trick is to avoid making its effects too strong. Unfortunately for some, you can tell by the company name that this software is Mac only. As always, you can see just a few more shots of the game here.

Hope your pre-Christmas events and preparation are going well. Not long now!