Two posts in two days? What's going on? I hear you shout. Well, this is just a short one and I've a feeling that time for posting will become scarce later on in the week. This little post is about a favourite shot from the weekend: Darkness Descends. As mentioned earlier, I managed to see the second half of Yarnbury's game against North Ribblesdale on Saturday. The weather was pretty awful; driving rain, wind, low temperatures. Not great for being out in but, as we've seen before, some favourite photos can come from such inclement conditions. In this case, opportunities were few as Yarnbury spent much of the half defending at the other end of the pitch. There was quite a good charge down which I'll show you next time but not a great deal else. By the time the final whistle blew it was practically dark. I've mentioned my new Canon 7D Mark 2 before and its abilities in low light. On this occasion it was stretched to the limits, ISO on 12800 once more. Results were very grainy but actually quite pleasing. Towards the end of the mutual hand shaking and applause attention turned quickly to getting indoors and this shot shows the trudge back to the changing rooms.

As Dusk Descends by John Ashton on

I put the shot onto 500px and got quite a good reaction. Generally speaking I try to reserve only my most favourite shots for 500px while the more plentiful 'next best' go onto Flickr, giving a broader view of a particular game.Why not go over to 500px yourself, give this one a Like and perhaps browse a few others?