Looking Forward: Aynsley Lister

Short post this morning folks. In the midst of Christmas shopping so the mind's on many things. Something ickledot's not used to. Anyway, tonight I'm off to see ace young guitarist Aynsley Lister at Keighley Blues Club. I last saw him at Durham Blues Festival earlier in the year and he was ever so good. Thinking of 2016, I'm hopefully going to be seeing him again at Scarborough Blues Festival. Aynsley Lister

As mentioned before, Durham's Gala Theatre is quite challenging in terms of lighting so ickledot was really pleased to get these few action portraits. So, hopefully it's going to be a great start to the last weekend before Christmas. Hopefully I'll have a few more pictures of Aynsley to show you soon. Have a great weekend!

Aynsley Lister Aynsley Lister