Someone Mention Winning?

ickledot's last post spoke of the upcoming women's county games, entitling it with the hopeful, optimistic word: winning. Well, in the case of both Yorkshire's U15 and U18 teams, it happened in quite spectacular fashion. But more of that later. For what seemed like the third or fourth weekend in a row, this one began with quite torrential rain throughout Saturday. If only there'd been a break of ten minutes or so, ickledot would have ventured out and found a rugby match somewhere. However, with the fact that no break came and further forecasts of potential snow, ickledot stayed put. So, when Sunday dawned a little warmer and actually dry, I was raring to be off and out to photograph no less than two games.

Try! Yorkshire U15 v Cheshire

Both teams were up against Cheshire. The U15s played first, kicking off around midday on West Park Leeds' all-weather pitch. Within the first five minutes it was clear that this Yorkshire side meant business. Obviously well drilled, each player knew their role and executed it well. The team was quick to react and defend without the ball and also fast and incisive with it. The try-line was crossed several times before half-time, giving the home side a healthy lead. Several substitutions were made in the second half and Cheshire defended more effectively, countering at times. However, the margin was extended further, giving a closing score of 48 to 5. In addition to the pictures above and below, you can see more of the U15 encounter with Cheshire here.

With a mist beginning to descend, the U18 game began almost immediately after the U15 final whistle and hand shakes. It's a long way back over the Pennines on such a winter's day and Cheshire's management were eager to get things under way as soon as possible. In the opening forays the Cheshire pack showed signs of looking quite formidable and it was they who spent several minutes in their opponent's 22. Yorkshire were patient though and, like their U15 counterparts, were ready to strike when the opportunities arose. And arose they did, many times throughout the game. The final score of 87-0 showed just how dominant the home side was. A mention though for the girls of Cheshire. They certainly didn't give up and although losing is never pleasant, it was good to see so many still smiling at the end. A word too for the Cheshire coaching staff who encouraged and praised good play all afternoon. There are more pictures of the U18 game here.

Eyes On The Line, Yorkshire U18 v Cheshire

Sure-Footed, Yorkshire Women U18 v Cheshire

So, both teams have played two and won two. Let's see what January brings!