Weekend Past Weekend Future

Almost time for another round of rugby matches kicking off, tomorrow actually, and ickledot's not quite completed a summary of last weekend. So here goes. If you've read recent posts you'll have picked up on a couple of the games seen but maybe not the third. Leeds Hornets v Newcastle Ravens

It was the first actually, chronologically speaking, and an historic first at that. The game was hosted by Leeds Hornets: Yorkshire's first gay-friendly rugby match, between Newcastle Ravens and Northampton Outlaws (with some Hornets playing also) at Leeds Trinity University. As mentioned in ickledot's two previous posts, the weather conditions were most challenging; a fierce wind, plunging temperatures and periods of driving rain. The players were not daunted though. The Ravens were quicker off the mark, scoring a couple of tries in the first half. It was clear they'd played as a team before. However, the Outlaws stuck to the task and began to string some passes together in the second half. It was a friendly so in many ways the final score was immaterial - more important was that everyone had a great time despite the weather. The Hornets are looking forward to future games and keen to recruit more players.

When ickledot left the Hornets and Ravens still battling it out, Yarnbury were just kicking-off for the second half of their game against North Ribblesdale. Seeing as Yarnbury were in the lead and at home, playing towards the crowd outside their clubhouse, ickledot opted to sit behind the tryline which Yarnbury were attacking. WRONG! Much of the half had North Ribblesdale on the attack, almost managing to wipe out Yarnbury's lead but not quite. As the last post described, by the time the game finished, it was effectively dark. So a bit of a failure photographically speaking although did manage to capture this near charge down, which was quite pleasing.

Charge Down, Yarnbury v North Ribblesdale

Yorkshire Under 18s game against Cumbria the following day at Sandal RUFC proved far more fruitful. It was slightly less cold although the wind had strengthened and there was an almighty rain shower about twenty minutes before kick off. Though the rain was minimal for most of the match, enough had fallen overnight and through the morning to make the pitch something of a mudbath. As oft said before, great for photographs!

Yorkshire Under 18 v Cumbria

For two thirds of the match the score was locked down to 0-0. Louis Brown gets a mention for the third post in a row as it was he who broke the deadlock and Yorkshire crossed the line twice more to make the margin seem comfortable when in actuality it had been a hard fought game.

And so to the coming weekend. ickledot's managed to sell a couple of prints (all available, contact ickledot@ickledotco.co.uk) and the purchaser plays for Pontefract. Delivery has been made very easy by the fact that they're playing Keighley tomorrow. But the dilemma is, whether to stay there for the game or take a quick drive down the A629 to Bradford & Bingley who are hosting … North Ribblesdale! Both games are tempting. Coach Hugh of Pontefract pitting his wits against coach Hamish of Keighley at the top of Yorkshire Two or seeing if The Bees can maintain their winning ways at the top of Yorkshire One. There's a chance that the Bees might not play as their Wagon Lane site was under water not so long ago. We'll see what the morning brings!