Yorkshire Women: Back On A Winning Trail

It's been a while since Yorkshire's women finished their 2014-15 season unbeaten, with a magnificent win against Lancashire at Burnley last May. On the Attack, Yorkshire v Durham

Now it's all beginning again and Charlie Roberts, Chair of Yorkshire Women and Girls Rugby, has invited ickledot to photograph each match in an official capacity. This all starts on Sunday at West Park Leeds where both the U15 and U18 teams will play against Cheshire. Both of these teams had a victorious start in Lancashire last weekend so they'll be looking to move further along the winning trail on Sunday. Why not go and support them yourself? It's going to be a great season!

Incidentally, the unbeaten Yorkshire women's team starred in ickledot's ickle booklet Rugby Union Yorkshire, produced earlier this year to celebrate the diversity of rugby throughout our glorious county. There are still a few copies available and you can purchase one for just £4.50 this weekend at the county matches. If you'd like a sneaky peek, you can download a digital version here. There's nothing like holding a paper copy in your hand though. Might even sign it for you!