Try Tag Rugby Yorkshire

Try Tag Rugby Yorkshire

Had a great if cold night at Beckfoot School in Bingley, West Yorkshire, photographing groups playing and practising Tag Rugby with Try Tag Rugby Yorkshire.

Played in mixed teams, Tag Rugby is fast and furious. Based on the rules of Rugby League rather than Union, tackles are replaced by the removal of one of two tags stuck into the waist of either shorts or track bottoms. Players of all abilities and ages were in attendance, from the newest beginner to most skilful players.

As with the floodlit rugby at Doncaster last weekend, it was quite a challenge for the camera as the floodlights didn't illuminate the whole playing area evenly. However, the Canon 7D MkII coped magnificently, taking action shots at a reasonably high shutter speed. Resulting pictures were somewhat 'noisy' but quite acceptable. While this night was the end of the winter sessions, spring ones begin quite soon so if you're interested in giving it a 'try', get in touch with the people at Try Tag Rugby Yorkshire.


You can see one or two more pictures from the night here.