Keighley's Big 10K and Other News

An early start on Sunday morning and down to Victoria Park in Keighley, West Yorkshire for the Keighley Big 10k run. By eight o'clock the park was already beginning to fill with competitors of all ages and abilities, from the less athletic, wrapped up warm against the elements, aiming to walk the course to the keenest of runners, determined to finish ahead of the rest. The Race Begins

When the race began around 9.30 it was actually snowing quite hard. It didn't put off the runners though as they sped off for two laps of the park before heading out into the town and the rest of the course. As regular readers will know, ickledot been taking photographs of events for the charity, Sue Ryder, for a couple of years now. In fact this event marked the start of the third season he's been involved. Sue Ryder runs a number of hospices in the region, one of which is in ickledot's home village of Oxenhope, helping people with long term and life limiting illnesses. They do fantastic work which of course costs a huge amount of money. The many and varied events they and others organise through a year are a vital way of raising these much needed funds.

Before The Race

As ickledot's also mentioned before, for anyone interested in photographing people or sport, volunteering your services to a charity is a great way of increasing your experience of doing just that. As well as the action there's also plenty of opportunity to take posed shots; portraits if you like. Charities are always pleased to have a bank of good shots for publicity and marketing. And you get to see your work on banners, posters, websites, newspapers in addition to 'getting your name out there' as they say. By the time the winners and serious runners were finishing the snow had stopped and the sky even brightened. Overall, a great morning. There are more pictures from the event here.

Yorkshire U15

Another first over the weekend was to have a picture published in The Yorkshire Post. For those of you who live further afield, this is a regional newspaper, covering the whole of this, the biggest county in the country. The picture was taken during a Yorkshire U15 match and it was used here to illustrate the growth of women's rugby in the county. There's also a likelihood of you seeing more of ickledot's shots in the Keighley News and Bradford's Telegraph & Argus this week, with stories about the Bees, the Bumbles and the Keighley Big 10K. And next weekend, from Friday, it's a return to Scarborough for the Top Secret Blues Festival.