From Scarborough To Otley In Two Weekends

Well, feeling pretty shamefaced at the moment as it's such a long time since I last blogged. There's been a good deal of social networking along the way but these particular pages have remained untouched for the best part of a fortnight. ickledot's excuse? Apart from being busy, there isn't one really. A couple of weeks ago it was three days of solid music at Scarborough's Top Secret Blues Festival. In between there's been a bit of a race to finish the latest issue of Blues in Britain, the monthly magazine ickledot lays out, before the Easter shutdown and the sequence ended this weekend with another match at Otley. Joel Fisk and Jon Amor

The festival was quite tiring, moving from main to acoustic stage and back to ensure capturing all of the excellent acts on show but it was hugely enjoyable as ickledot made many new friends and caught up with a number of old ones. For the second year ickledot designed the festival programme and provided photographs for the large posters which heralded the artistes. It really was a proud moment to see all those images printed on a grand scale. If you want to see more pictures from this year's festival, there's a huge number on my Lightroom site here.

Rugby on Saturday last with the game between Otley and South Leicester. Not the greatest of spectacles it has to be said - the play rather matched the cold overcast conditions. Otley came out on top - just, with a final score of 10-8. Still, it was good to be back photographing rugby again. You can see pictures from the game here and a more detailed match report here. I've not embedded it here but there's also a little video over on YouTube.

James Wood - try scorer

ickledot chose to see Otley again following a Facebook conversation with one of their forwards, Matt Heaton. He runs a training website: Nothing unusual about that, you might say. What makes this one unique though is that it's specifically designed for rugby players. It's a great idea and site but he felt it lacked pictures. That's where ickledot came in. Matt now has access to some of the many rugby images ickledot has taken over the last four years or so and is placing one on each daily post. With the growing popularity of rugby in the USA and Canada, Matt can see great potential in the site. And of course, more people will see ickledot's pictures!