Bees Outpoint Percy Park

If Yorkshire's girls enjoyed bright sunshine on Sunday, the men of Bradford & Bingley and Percy Park had something of an exact opposite (can you have weather opposites?) less than twenty four hours before. Driving rain, showers of snow, strong winds and plunging temperatures - and that was before the kick off.

It was ickledot's first visit of the season to Bees' HQ on Wagon Lane in Bingley. Having ended their previous campaign as league champions, Bradford & Bingley had initially found the going a bit tougher in their new division: North 1 East. More recently they've found some form though and are into their stride with four straight wins.

As it's the following Wednesday, if you're at all concerned with the game you'll have already seen a more detailed description elsewhere. Suffice it to say that the Bees secured a fifth consecutive victory by a margin of 23 to 12.

The home side were well ahead by half time, at which point the weather was doing its worst and the players enjoyed a few minutes of warmth and shelter in the changing rooms. Reinvigorated, the Bees continued scoring in the early part of the second half.

As the weather improved marginally, Percy Park enjoyed their best spell in the closing minutes of the game when their cause was all but lost, scoring no less than two tries. Photographically it was an interesting game with the elements playing a starring role in some shots. You can see more pictures from the game over on Flickr.

Bees' captain Tom Booth awaits a lineout

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A mudded but happy Ryan Wederell celebrates his try