Looking Forward Looking Back

No less than three games of rugby coming up this weekend, two of them highly significant for the teams concerned. Thinking of one of them reminds ickledot of possibly the best game he had the privilege of viewing and photographing last season.

Captain Burridge adds his weight 

First off tomorrow is a trip over to Harrogate to see their National Two match against Broadstreet. It's ickledot's second visit of the season to Harrogate's still freshly new ground  so we'll see how they've settled in. 

Out in Force

Then on Sunday it's a slightly longer journey east to the home of Selby Rugby Club. If all goes well the first match on view is Selby's own Senior Colts taking on Bishop Stortford in the National Colts League semi-final. Reading Selby's website, the club is hoping for a good turn out to support the side and help them reach the final.

Rob Rekis Heads For The Line

This will be followed by the big game of the weekend for ickledot: the semi-final of the U20 National County Championship - the prize for the winners a trip to Twickenham for the final. As regulars will know, ickledot's accompanied Yorkshire's U20s to Twickenham for the past two seasons and is really hoping it'll happen again. But there's a big match to get through first and Hertfordshire are the opponents.

Chris Bell

Thinking of this game, ickledot's reminded of last year's semi-final. It was an away trip to Cornwall - about as far away as it could be. Many teams could have been overtaken by the journey's rigours and playing in front of a sizeable crowd, most of which supported the home team. Not that side though. From the kick-off they took the game by the scruff of the neck and ruthlessly attacked throughout the eighty minutes, scoring over sixty points. I know it's been referred to in these pages several times since but it really was something special. 

Robbie Davidson and Elliott Morgan

To commemorate this and also to encourage the latest squad on Sunday, these are a few pictures which have not been seen before. You can see others from the game here. Have a great weekend!