Lancashire Have The Edge In Roses Thriller

Rather a short post at the end of a long day. A morning drive south to the home of Barnsley Rugby Club to see the semi-final of the women's county championship - a Roses clash to make the mouth water.

First blood to Yorkshire with a try that was answered with a seven point repost from the Lancastrian visitors. A second try for Yorkshire leaving the half time score as 10-7.

The real battle was in the last forty as Lancashire soaked up a good deal of Yorkshire pressure, finding it hard to break out of their half during the opening minutes. However, as time went on the pressure built as the home side were unable to convert their occupation into points. The fear became tangible that Lancashire could break out and sure enough they did. A single score was enough to do it as the Red Rose went away with the win. Well done to them. 

While there are some more pictures on Flickr, the ickledot shop has a much larger selection available.