Earthburn 2016

Well, despite the rain falling in stair rods outside, it is officially summer and therefore the rugby (Union) is much reduced during the close season. Still plenty of opportunities for photographing 'people doin' stuff' though! Last weekend it was the annual Earthburn at English Heritage's Stott Park Bobbin Mill Museum, in the heart of the Lake District.

The mound prior to lighting

The earthburn is an old and traditional way of making charcoal. Put simply, it involves placing a stock of wood within a mound of earth, lighting and covering it with more earth and a layer of turf. This limits the supply of oxygen to the fire within, making it burn slowly.

More wood and ferns placed on top of the fire before covering with turf

In this particular burn, the fire was lit on Friday afternoon and monitored for two days before being extinguished and opened to reveal the charcoal on Sunday.

Topping with turf

Regular readers will know this is the third Earthburn that ickledot has attended and, in terms of charcoal production it was possibly the best.

Sunday afternoon, the fire is extinguished and charcoal revealed

Fires being poured into the heart of the mound

It was a great weekend with many other activities and crafts on display. Great news during the week following: the black and white picture above and at the top of this blog is hopefully going to be included in the next issue of the online Photoshop User Magazine!

Coming soon: pictures of the famous Oxenhope Straw Race!