Oxenhope Straw Race 2016

As the strap line says on this here website, pictures featured are almost all ones of people doin' stuff; action of various kinds from the highly athletic to the comical.

And with this in mind we came to the annual Oxenhope Straw Race last Sunday. As explained in previous years, this involves a good number of people racing from one end of the village to the other, carrying a bale of straw and being required to drink ale in each hostelry passed along the way.

The race begins at midday, the first runners being the serious, fit ones, followed by the rest.

These can be individuals or teams and fancy dress is most definitely the order of the day.

After two years of glorious weather on this day, it was feared that the weather might spoil the occasion. The morning had been dull, threatening rain.

However, almost as the race began the sun made an appearance and by mid afternoon it was bright and warm.

It's the fourth year that ickledot has photographed the event and it really is a portrait hunter's paradise. Becoming someone other than their usual selves and perhaps with inhibitions lowered by alcohol, people are all too happy to have their photographs taken.

A great day! Above are some of ickledot's favourites but you can see more here.