Harrogate Ladies Made To Work Against West Park Leeds II

Following a couple of weekends of grey skies and dullness, this one of brightness and occasional blue skies was most welcome. More of Saturday in a future post but Sunday brought a trip to Harrogate to see their Ladies team take on West Park Leeds II.

Things were fairly even for the first ten minutes or so but Harrogate's first try came eventually with a break and run through the centre to score with a conversion following shortly after. With the club's men's team having played on the pitch the day before in wet conditions, the ground was well churned up and the going heavy. However, the players from both sides overcame this well and there was much open play along with the heavy lifting of the forwards. In addition to kicking most accurately, Harrogate's full-back, Ailish Clear, also put a run through the centre for a second score.

A third try followed with a flowing passing move and touch down on the right - Ailish again! From then on Harrogate had a reasonably strong hold on the game and scored steadily throughout.

However, West Park Leeds maintained their high spirits and determination and thus avoided the kind of heavy defeat they'd previously experienced against Harrogate, the final score being a very respectable 31-0.

Great to see that the game was played in a good spirit and enjoyed by all despite being fiercely contested. There were many smiles during the post match parade of honour,

There's a selection of images from the game over on Flickr and even more in the ickledot shop. Make sure you leave a comment if you see any you like.

It was great also to meet up with someone else taking photographs and swap a few experiences. He's a full time photographer and you can see some of his excellent work here. Very interesting to see how two people can cover the same event and come up with completely different views and style.